Hello :-). You've reached the small corner of the internet dedicated to me, myself and I. It is supposed to be a strange mix of my Curriculum Vitae and personal things. Welcome!

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PGP public key

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Professional experience

February 2010 - now
VU University, Amsterdam

February - July (2014)
University of Twente


Bachelor of Science, Computer Science
2011 - 2015

MINOR: Aeronautical engineering (20 ECTS)
THESIS: Preventing the 51%-Attack: a Stochastic Analysis of Two Phase Proof of Work in Bitcoin best paper

Extracurricular activities

Lecturer for courses / workshops (University of Twente)¹:

Teaching assistent:

Programming skills

Python, Haskell, Javascript, Java, ANSI C, Bash, and Assembly (in order of expertise). I find picking up new languages a fairly easy thing to do.

Computer skills

Fairly strong grasp of Linux, PGP, Elasticsearch, Postgres, SQL, \LaTeX, HTML, Bitcoin, Git, Mercurial.



Western guitar, Linux, Coreboot, Bitcoin, Tor, cooking, electric cars, sustainable energy, aerial vehicles

¹Organised with student society I.C.T.S.V. Inter-Actief
²This course has been redesigned, which I worked on, to fit the new educational program of the University of Twente